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Contracts reviewed in the face of scandal

Posted on 14/02/2018 by SuperUser Account

Aveo's new Freedom Aged Care program comes at a high cost

Embattled retirement village operator Aveo is spruiking a 1960s "casino fun night" at one of its NSW sites at the end of this month to celebrate the success of the listed giant's new Freedom Aged Care business – some residents, though, are in no mood to party.

Aveo is in the process of turning much of its portfolio of pure retirement villages – the second largest in the country – into ones that offer Freedom Aged Care, a new venture for Aveo which runs facilities similar to nursing homes.

Despite the casino party's pitch that Freedom "loves" to see happy residents and that it encourages "them to remain young at heart", many Freedom customers have told Fairfax Media that the reality of life in the villages does not match the sales pitch, while retirement village residents they feel pressured to take up the expensive aged care package – whether they need it or not.

The complaints have common themes: confusing contracts, high costs, and uncertainty about future liabilities at the point of signing a contract. There is also concern that the levels of care fall short of the marketing spin.

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