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How to get a broken personal budget back on track

Posted on 20/05/2015 by Erin Rigby

It's possible to get your personal budget back on track quickly without sacrificing all the things you love. Vince Scully, founder of online financial advice platform LifeSherpa recently caught up with news.com.au to share his top tips for getting budgets back in shape.

If your personal budget is in bad shape, there are ways to clean it up — but cutting out your favourite luxuries should not be part of the plan.

A household budget - much like a Government budget - can turn sour over several months if people are not realistic about their spending.

But bouncing back can be a quick process if people focus on the big household expenses and develop new habits, says LifeSherpa founder Vince Scully.

“Don’t beat yourself up, start fresh, stop making it worse, but keep things that you truly love. If you are cutting out stuff that you really love, you are not going to sustain it,” Scully says.

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