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Clients in the News

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Queensland the only state to see a rise in first homebuyers

Posted on 15/12/2016 by Rhiannon Smith

Queensland was the only state to experience a rise in first-home buyers over the past quarter, after their number dropped 6.7 per cent nationally.

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Corporate Travel Management shares jump on acquisitions

Posted on 15/12/2016 by SuperUser Account

Corporate Travel Management expanded its footprint with the acquisitions of UK-based Redfern Travel and Andrew Jones Travel in Tasmania.

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REVEALED: Rise in cars confiscated from 'reckless' drivers

Posted on 5/12/2016 by Rhiannon Smith

Hooning is on the rise across Ipswich and the state with more than 14,000 cars impounded in 12 months. Ipswich, Brisbane and Logan have been singled out as "hooning hot spots" with 3,154 cars seized across the three cities, a 25 per cent increase on last year's numbers.

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