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Air BP Lubricants: An oil change for the aviation industry

Posted on 25/03/2014 by SuperUser Account in aviation

Air BP Lubricants was featured in a three-page spread for the 2014 Engine Yearbook - the aviation industry's 'bible' for engine maintenance and MRO. In the feature, Air BP Lubricants explains why OEMs and airlines are moving towards high-performance engine oil and how it can improve reliability and performance.

There are some 23,000 turbine-engine equipped aircraft in commercial operation today. Of these, about a quarter have already transitioned from standard (STD) grade engine oils to High Performance Capable (HPC), with more expected to follow.

Figures contained in Air BP Lubricants' Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World's Airlines (TEF) Guide demonstrate a trend in commercial aviation toward more advanced engine technology. This transition in technology is having an effect on oil choice.

While the number of engines in commercial service has increased by 22 per cent in the past 15 years, the number using HPC oils has skyrocketed by more than 150 per cent.

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