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Qantas scores a PR victory, at last

Posted on 28/03/2011 by Cole Lawson in Media relations

I must give credit where credit is due. On this blog in January 2011, I gave a very scathing account of Qantas's PR in recent years. In particular, I gave the company a pasting for the failure to capitalise on the potential positives surrounding the QF32 A380 incident.

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Four easy steps to social media success

Posted on 15/03/2011 by Cole Lawson in Social media

Many companies are putting social media in the "too hard" basket. Here, we explain four things to consider and give you some real examples of companies that are doing it well.

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Banks competing for social media 'friends'

Posted on 8/03/2011 by Cole Lawson in Social media

Cole Lawson director Margaret Lawson is quoted on news.com.au discussing the use of social media by the big banks.

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