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Internship insights: Jacqui Wachtel, QUT

Posted on 30/06/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

Interning is truly the pinnacle of an undergraduate education, and let me assure you it was well worth the effort...

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The consumer of the future: how they rolled Adshel and live exports

Posted on 15/06/2011 by Nathan Scholz in PR disaster

The modern customer now demands a bottom-line standard of ethical behaviour from service and product providers, and will not entertain anything less. Find out how the "consumer of the future" managed to roll an Adshel campaign and rip the heart out of live exports.

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Internship insights: Michelle Smith, QUT

Posted on 12/06/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

I think any budding PR person can commiserate with the recurring nightmare I experienced prior to gaining my internship at Cole Lawson Communications: the haunting situation of graduating university, degree proudly in hand, HECS debt largely in tow, with no job in sight.

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Flood crisis showcases social media benefits

Posted on 6/06/2011 by Cole Lawson in Social media

When torrential weather hit Queensland earlier this year many organisations were over whelmed with enquiries from the media and the community. In such times of crisis, a regular flow of information is essential. People want to know what’s going on and have access to regular updates at all times.

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