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Say goodbye to mission statements and bring on the brand promise

Posted on 21/06/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew whatsnews brand brand promise

We live in a world where every brand is struggling to get its message across. But take a moment to think of the most iconic brands you know, Coca Cola, Apple and BMW for example, do you know what their value proposition is? Do you know what they stand for? It’s highly likely you said yes...

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Learning from the best in the blood business

Posted on 14/06/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew whatsnews customer activation energy #blooddonorday

If you’re finding it hard to get people to sign up for your service or buy your product, just imagine how hard it is to convince people to get pricked by a needle and drained of (some of) their blood. And convincing them to do it once isn’t enough – you have to convince them to keep coming back...

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Emotionally intelligent branding: three steps to better care for your customer

Posted on 7/06/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew whatsnews pr customer base brand customer Emotional Branding

We see it all too often: loud, repetitive and information-packed advertising that essentially attempts to bully you into buying a product or service. The final result is ads that not only put your teeth on edge, but more importantly, simply don’t work...

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The three rules of prestige marketing – and how to use them to your advantage

Posted on 1/06/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew whatsnews pr reputation customer prestige marketing

Prestige marketing is linked to the idea of prestige pricing, which relies on simple consumer psychology. Studies show that customers assume when a product comes at a high price, it is higher quality than cheaper alternatives: think Birkin bags and BMWs...

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