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Email overload – is it time to switch off?

Posted on 26/02/2016 by Rhiannon Smith in whatsnew email digital communication

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, email did not exist. Now, it is one of the most commonly used vehicles of communication. With the advent of the computer and the internet, came the ability to send and receive messages at the click of a button. However, recent research suggests that people need to reconsider just how often they press that button.

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Get social media savvy: 5 ways to increase engagement

Posted on 16/02/2016 by Christie Patten in Social media whatsnew

In the online world of real world, instant engagement, many businesses become exasperated when social media doesn’t yield immediate results. The web opens up a wonderful world of up-to-date news and information, endless ideas, and boundless opportunities for customer connection. Get your followers to stop scrolling and start interacting with our own quick tip guide for engagement in the social media sphere!

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Why it's time LinkedIn became your organisation's new best friend

Posted on 10/06/2015 by Christie Patten in Social media LinkedIn Digital Media Strategy whatsnew

It's been more than a decade since the social networking site LinkedIn was launched, connecting professionals and organisations with each other on a digital platform filled with potential for networking and business opportunities. Our Consultant and digital media buff Christie Patten explains why organisations need to be taking more notice of LinkedIn and how they can get the most out of it as a communication tool.

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Enrolments now open for Cole Lawson corporate training sessions

Posted on 7/01/2015 by Christie Patten in Media training corporate training presentation skills training whatsnew

We are excited to announce the 2015 schedule for Cole Lawson's corporate training program has been released, and we will now be taking registrations for both scheduled and bespoke sessions. Cole Lawson has an outstanding track record of delivering training to corporate clients to improve their effectiveness in working with the media, their clients and their staff.

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How to work effectively with journalists

Posted on 5/01/2015 by Christie Patten in Media relations whatsnew

Working with journalists can be an easy, enjoyable experience when done right, but a total disaster for you and your business if done incorrectly. Cole Lawson Senior Consultant and former News Ltd journalist Nathan Scholz shares his tips for maximising the journalist-PR relationship.

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Choosing the right spokesperson for your organisation

Posted on 28/04/2014 by Erin Rigby in Media relations Media training Spokespeople whatsnew

Choosing the right spokesperson is essential if your company is looking to build a positive profile in the media. Knowing who to choose and why is not easy, so Cole Lawson breaks it down and provides some tips for choosing the perfect spokesperson.

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Content is King? Ok...well then PR is Queen B

Posted on 16/04/2014 by Erin Rigby

Content marketing is the new buzz word for communicators and marketers. Content is consumed more quickly, more frequently and by more people than ever before. But the statistics are in and Cole Lawson takes a closer look at how valuable content marketing is compared to public relations.

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Professional vs. Private: The social media trap

Posted on 2/04/2014 by Christie Patten in Social media whatsnew

By now, most of us are on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram – possibly all of the above. But where are the boundaries when it comes to employers using this information to determine if you’re right for a position in their company?

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Tips for creating powerful corporate images

Posted on 3/03/2014 by Cole Lawson in Our clients whatsnew

A strong brand should be supported by clever, emotive imagery that captures its essence. Capturing the right image for a corporate brand can be tricky, but Cole Lawson recently worked with a world-renowned fashion photographer and discovered some tricks of the trade to share.

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Is your business immune from a viral crisis?

Posted on 14/02/2014 by Cole Lawson in Social media whatsnew

We all love these stories: frustrated consumer takes on corporate giant in a witty and creative way. However, if you are the company involved, funny consumer protests can represent a public relations and reputational nightmare.

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