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Tanita McPherson named 2012 Cole Lawson scholar

Posted on 21/09/2012 by Cole Lawson in Interns

Third year UQ Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations) student Tanita McPherson has been named the 2012 Cole Lawson Communications Scholarship recipient, describing the opportunity in her acceptance speech as “the public relations equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket”.

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Internship insights: Tali Scott, QUT

Posted on 11/03/2012 by Cole Lawson in Interns whatsnew

QUT PR student (and new Cole Lawson employee) Tali Scott prepared a video internship blog. To view the video click read more.

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Hanna Lucas wins the 2011 Cole Lawson Award

Posted on 22/12/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

High-achieving UQ student Hannah Lucas has been announced as the 2011 winner of the prestigious Cole Lawson Award.

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Internship insights: Erin Rigby, QUT

Posted on 1/09/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

I will admit that prior to interning at Cole Lawson I was a little intimidated. The unknown is scary and preparing myself for PR agency life was a completely new experience. After reading every intern blog post and article I could find, I was ready to familiarise myself with the photocopier and learn how to carry eight coffees from Starbucks.

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Scholarship opportunity open to UQ students

Posted on 29/07/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

Cole Lawson's annual $2,500 Communication Scholarship is now open for applications from qualified University of Queensland students.

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Internship insights: Cassandra Cooney, UQ

Posted on 24/07/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

I believe that completing an internship as an undergraduate gives you a competitive edge, improves your skills and lets you see firsthand the type of work involved in the industry.

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Internship insights: Lana Nguyen, JCU

Posted on 24/07/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

As a graduate with little experience I wasn’t confident enough before my internship to say that I could do the work at a graduate level...

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Internship insights: Jacqui Wachtel, QUT

Posted on 30/06/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

Interning is truly the pinnacle of an undergraduate education, and let me assure you it was well worth the effort...

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Internship insights: Michelle Smith, QUT

Posted on 12/06/2011 by Cole Lawson in Interns

I think any budding PR person can commiserate with the recurring nightmare I experienced prior to gaining my internship at Cole Lawson Communications: the haunting situation of graduating university, degree proudly in hand, HECS debt largely in tow, with no job in sight.

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