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The 7 types of clients – and how to know what they want

Posted on 24/07/2018 by SuperUser Account in Our clients whatsnew whatsnews customer

What on earth did we do before data? Today, there are myriad different ways to gather and interpret customer data. Most major business decisions aren’t even considered before consulting this information. However, capturing this data can’t be done with a simple, ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution and in some situations, figuring out what your customers want can still be a guessing game...

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Tips for creating powerful corporate images

Posted on 3/03/2014 by Cole Lawson in Our clients whatsnew

A strong brand should be supported by clever, emotive imagery that captures its essence. Capturing the right image for a corporate brand can be tricky, but Cole Lawson recently worked with a world-renowned fashion photographer and discovered some tricks of the trade to share.

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Cole Lawson helps launch "Injex"

Posted on 7/02/2012 by Cole Lawson in Our clients whatsnew

Cole Lawson managed the national media launch of the new "Injex" product this week - a needle-free anaesthetic for dentists. Our team pitched the Injex story to a wide range of media and achieved significant national coverage.

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Are you disaster-ready?

Posted on 1/12/2011 by Cole Lawson in Our clients

The Cole Lawson team is working hard this week to help Volunteering Qld with the media launch of a project that will help householders and businesses better prepare ourselves for emergencies.

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Cole Lawson organises Captain Richard de Crespigny event for AAAAI

Posted on 24/04/2011 by Cole Lawson in Our clients

The team at Cole Lawson is delighted to announce that Qantas A380 Captain Richard de Crespigny will give one of his first public addresses since the QF32 emergency landing in Singapore at an event we are organising for the Australian Association of Aviation and Aerospace Industries (AAAAI).

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There's more to public relations than meets the eye

Posted on 19/01/2011 by Cole Lawson in Our clients

By Siena Perry, Senior Consultant, in Laos

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Financial Review gives ERM an IPO 'Oscar' nod

Posted on 18/01/2011 by Cole Lawson in Our clients

ERM Power has been awarded an "Oscar" by the Australian Financial Review for the clearest prospectus of 2010-2011. Cole Lawson's PR team worked wiith the client and their advisors to help deliver the prospectus...

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We're proud to support Australia's Centenary of Powered Flight

Posted on 20/07/2010 by Cole Lawson in Our clients

Cole Lawson was proud to be the official publicity partner for the celebration of Australia's Centenary of Powered Flight on July 16, 2010. We worked with the organising committee to promote the event.

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