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The Future Series: Virtual Reality brings branding narratives to a whole new level

Posted on 30/08/2018 by SuperUser Account in Virtual Rehearsal brand The Future Series Virtual Reality

In the last article of our ‘The Future’ series, we explore how virtual reality will not only change the way we interact, but also the way we market brands. Join us as we explore upcoming trends from virtual holidays to virtual social media...

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The future series: augmented reality builds business marketing opportunities everywhere

Posted on 28/08/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew The Future Series augmented reality

In this weeks instalment of the Future Series, we contemplate what changes in Augmented Reality technology could mean for your business, and suggest what the future could hold for your marketing plan...

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The Future Series: Smart devices give companies direct access to customers

Posted on 16/08/2018 by SuperUser Account in customer The Future Series smart devices technology

In this week’s article, we’re taking a look at smart devices and how they may impact your business’s marketing and branding practices. If you want to smarten up and figure out how to make smart devices work for you, read on to discover more...

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The Future Series: Social media signals the death of written content… or does it?

Posted on 9/08/2018 by SuperUser Account in Social media whatsnew whatsnews The Future Series written word

On National Book Lovers Day, we thought it would be a pertinent time to consider the future of the written word. Could books become something of a collector’s item, with rich hipsters stubbornly clutching the last copies of their dog-eared novels? Or will everyone grip onto our paper pals a little longer: savouring the physical act of leafing through pages and taking solace from our busy digital world?

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