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Part two: What can the Banking Royal Commission teach us about crisis communications?

Posted on 21/02/2019 by SuperUser Account in issues and crisis management

With a backlog of emails from truth-seeking journalists, missed calls from worried investors and flood of angry social media posts, banks embroiled in the Royal Commission are undeniably facing a crisis. Today, in part two of our series of articles on the Banking Royal Commission, we discuss why a crisis communication plan is so important in this kind of situation...

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Part one: What can the Banking Royal Commission teach us about crisis communications?

Posted on 14/02/2019 by SuperUser Account in issues and crisis management

The Banking Royal Commission has thrown the reputations of Australia’s big banks into the spotlight. With the reputations of these organisations and their high-profile executives on the line, today we’re asking: how can they use best-practice crisis communications to weather the storm? Let’s take a look at the first of four tips to deal with a widely-publicised corporate crisis: using a spokesperson effectively...

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The Scoot Airlines passenger fiasco: a reminder about why your company needs a pre-planned crisis strategy

Posted on 7/02/2019 by SuperUser Account in Strategy issues and crisis management aviation

A few weeks ago, we saw Scoot Airlines hit the headlines when an unruly passenger started attacking other passengers on-board a flight. Although situations like this are not an airline’s fault, what they do next is pivotal to preventing their reputation from being tarnished...

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Why crisis management and brand reputation will define the PR-scape in 2018

Posted on 19/12/2017 by SuperUser Account in Cole Lawson whatsnew issues and crisis management 2017

The effect of a hyper-vigilant traditional media, and an engaged public who can live stream at the touch of a button, will continue to ring alarm bells for public relations professionals in 2018.

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Why corporate conscience is your most important asset in a crisis

Posted on 3/01/2017 by Rhiannon Smith in issues and crisis management aviation whatsnew

As the dust settles on the QANTAS Dubai debacle, the reported stories of 480 stranded passengers arriving late into Sydney have left the airline with important questions to answer. Such as, how did the airline manage to take an inconvenient, yet manageable situation, and turn it into a frustrating mess that dominated headlines throughout the new year’s news cycle?

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