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The three rules of prestige marketing – and how to use them to your advantage

Posted on 1/06/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew whatsnews pr reputation customer prestige marketing

Prestige marketing is linked to the idea of prestige pricing, which relies on simple consumer psychology. Studies show that customers assume when a product comes at a high price, it is higher quality than cheaper alternatives: think Birkin bags and BMWs...

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Three surprising ways your organisation can improve its customer experience

Posted on 23/05/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew whatsnews customer base customer customer experience CX

We’ve all heard the classic customer service adage: the customer is always right. But if only attracting and keeping customers was that simple! In today’s world, customer experience (CX) has become a complex system of data, websites, social media, five-star reviews, engagement levels and much more...

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Why should your customer care; three top tips for creating customer relevant content

Posted on 18/05/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew whatsnews customer base relevant content

Readers are confronted with an avalanche of news sources, from online publications like HuffPost and Google News to traditional radio broadcasts...

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Why banks will continue to destroy their reputation…

Posted on 9/05/2018 by SuperUser Account in whatsnew whatsnews pr reputation Banking Royal Commission

First it was the GFC, now it’s the BRC (Banking Royal Commission)! Big banks are well adjusted to the world of reputational crises, but what will it actually take for customers to jump ship?

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How the right public relations strategy can boost your customer base

Posted on 19/04/2018 by SuperUser Account in Cole Lawson whatsnew whatsnews pr Old Spice customer base grow your business brand

In a world of fake news, personal data storage and product placement in our favourite Netflix shows, it’s easy to understand why consumer trust is becoming an ever-increasing concern for business owners.

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Cole Lawson appoints Steve Titmus as Group Account Director

Posted on 20/03/2018 by Rhiannon Smith in whatsnew Media training Senior Group Account Director Steve Titmus

Cole Lawson is delighted to announce that former Channel 7 journalist, producer and newsreader Steve Titmus has joined the agency as Group Account Director.

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Real presentation nerves overcome by Virtual Reality

Posted on 7/02/2018 by SuperUser Account in Cole Lawson whatsnew presentation skills training VRexperience Virtual Rehearsal 2018

People who dread speaking in front of an audience can now be the first in Australia to experience Virtual Reality (VR) training that calms their nerves by allowing them to practise in front of a “live” crowd...

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Stage Fright: Living Your Worst Nightmare with a Virtual Reality Experience

Posted on 6/02/2018 by SuperUser Account in Cole Lawson presentation skills training VRexperience Virtual Rehearsal whatsnew 2018

“Imagine the audience in their underwear”, they said. “Just look at a spot on the back wall”, they insisted...

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Why crisis management and brand reputation will define the PR-scape in 2018

Posted on 19/12/2017 by SuperUser Account in Cole Lawson whatsnew issues and crisis management 2017

The effect of a hyper-vigilant traditional media, and an engaged public who can live stream at the touch of a button, will continue to ring alarm bells for public relations professionals in 2018.

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Puma Energy annual report awarded in London

Posted on 16/11/2017 by Rhiannon Smith in Cole Lawson puma energy pr photoshoot whatsnew whatsnews

Cole Lawson’s client Puma Energy took home the award for ‘Best annual report’ at the prestigious 2017 Corporate and Financial Awards in London

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