Patton's Big Gun


This successful project directly helped our client's bottom line, and saw Cole Lawson awarded the PRIA's top, national award for issues management in 2012. 

Our brief

Queensland's largest independent butcher chain engaged Cole Lawson following negative "meat industry" television stories in which the company was regularly and incorrectly pictured. Patton's Big Gun had a low media profile compared to competitors and recognised that reducing negative stories and increasing positive stories would boost its reputation and bottom line.

Our work

To boost positive media coverage Cole Lawson researched, developed and executed a media relations and issues management strategy. This involved proactively releasing regular, timely news and expert commentary to a tailored media list. We developed relationships and shared factual information with journalists who had previously published unfavourable stories. By creating in-store and social media communication channels, we helped our client communicate directly to customers to share factual information. To help minimise the risk of negative publicity, we undertook a comprehensive risk analysis and prepared detailed recommendations.


Our campaign achieved excellent coverage in both television and print media, while negative publicity was simultaneously eliminated. Our client saw a return on investment from its new media profile, which led to the company reducing its paid advertising budget. The company was also named as one of the city's top butchers by Brisbane Times.