Volunteering Queensland

Our brief

During the devastating floods of 2011, Volunteering Queensland approached Cole Lawson after being asked by the Premier of Queensland to handle the influx of volunteers. 

The non-profit organisation went from being relatively unknown to being on national television and deluged with enquiries from the community and media. We were asked to assist the team to manage the substantial influx of media enquiries and ensure the public was receiving the correct information.

Our work

Cole Lawson quickly prepared a tailored set of media handling policies and procedures for Volunteering Queensland. Our team developed key messages and responses to FAQs and also handled incoming media enquiries. We issued a daily media update on Volunteering Queensland’s activities and provided information and statistics to journalists and the public to ensure they had accurate and helpful information.


By engaging with the media, Volunteering Queensland minimised unnecessary and unmanageable call volumes and maintained positive ongoing relationships with the media during a stressful and fast-paced situation. Our success is best demonstrated by the fact Volunteering Queensland re-engaged Cole Lawson to plan its communication activities for the 2012 storm season.