Demystifying a complex story

Our brief

Technical services company WellDog was launching a new technology to the coal mining industry in 2012. "GasMapper" could help slash exploration costs and project timelines and improve safety for workers. But its complexities meant that the product was difficult to explain to customers and the media. 

Our work

Cole Lawson suggested creating an animation to explain and demonstrate how GasMapper worked. We managed the project by liaising with WellDog to extract detailed information about the technology, conducted research into the sector, and worked closely with animation specialists DC8 STUDIO to devise a storyboard for the video.

We then put together launch materials including a press release and images.


The GasMapper animation helped Welldog to explain its new technology to customers and media and, ultimately, achieve commercial outcomes for the client. The launch of GasMapper was covered by media including the Australian Journal of Mining and World Coal Magazine.

The result

This animation provides a visual explanation of Welldog's revolutionary technology and is used at conferences, events and media briefings.