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Fee Structures

At Cole Lawson, we recognise that long-term relationships are earned, not locked in by contracts.

Therefore, we recommend retainers only to existing clients and only after we’ve developed an understanding of your business and can demonstrate that a retainer will offer you outcomes and value.

We offer the following fee structures:

Casual, hourly rates

This type of engagement gives clients complete flexibility to start or stop work at any time. Our hourly rates range from $180 (ex GST) to $250 (ex GST) per hour, depending on the seniority of the staff member who performs each task. Work is billed in 15-minute increments, and you are provided with a detailed report at the end of each billing month.

Project fees

Where your project involves a discrete set of tasks, we will scope the project and provide you with a fixed-fee quotation for the delivery of those activities. When Cole Lawson quotes on a project basis, our fees are calculated at a reduced rate, depending on project size and complexity.


After Cole Lawson has delivered work for a client on a project or hourly basis, we may recommend a monthly retainer package to provide you with the best outcomes and value on an ongoing basis.

Retainers can be calculated in two ways:

  1. A fixed, monthly fee to deliver recurring activities. An example of monthly retainer activities could be: a monthly newsletter, two media announcements, and daily social media maintenance.
  2. A set number of consulting hours each month. Our most common retainer packages offer clients 24 - 100 hours per month, which can be invested on any activity.

Retainer rates are generally 10% to 30% cheaper than other arrangements, depending on the length of the engagement.

Contact us to arrange an introductory meeting and a tailored proposal.