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Advanced Media Training

Cole Lawson’s Advanced Media Training team helps you learn how to handle tricky, hostile or high-pressure media situations with confidence.

This program is suitable for anyone wanting to hone or refresh their media skills training, and who has completed our Media Awareness and/or Media Training courses. 

What you will learn:

  • Responding to high-pressure media tactics: It’s five minutes to their deadline and a journalist is outside your door, waiting to do a live cross to the latest TV news bulletin and you are the person who they will be interviewing. We show you how to prepare and deliver your messages while under the pump.
  • Handling hostile media: You are the spokesperson for your organisation after a controversial incident and already the media are baying for blood. We give you options for turning the message around.
  • Expert interview skills: Whether you a subject matter expert, an eyewitness or an organisation’s spokesperson, there are ways to avoid being ambushed or drawn into answering questions beyond your brief. We give you plenty of practice to expertly respond or deflect an interviewer without diminishing your credibility.
  • What to do when things go wrong: You’ve been backed into a corner or your interviewer is making you look like something you are not. We show you the path to take to recover and rebuild your reputation while retaining the respect of your audience.
  • Managing nerves: High-pressure situations tend to elevate one’s flight or fight response and make even confident speakers jittery. We teach you how to stay calm and composed when the stakes are high.

Contact us to find out about our services and rates for:

  • Group media training 
  • Executive media training 
  • Radio and television interview sessions 
  • Media release writing workshops 
  • Presentation and voice coaching 
  • Desktop crisis workshops 
  • Media awareness lectures for marketing and PR staff.

Cole Lawson's Advanced Media Training team is based in Brisbane, but is available on request to deliver executive media training anywhere in Australia and South-East Asia.

Course length:

1/2 day

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