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Business Leadership Communications

"The art of communication is the language of leadership," James Humes, former American Presidential speechwriter

Leadership training

Effective leaders navigate a path for their teams during periods of change, growth and challenge. But how can your team follow if they don't know where you are headed? 

Our course equips participants with the skills to make the change from communicating as a manager, to communicating as a leader.  Our course provides leaders with the toolkit required to lead an organisation through periods of change and growth.

Note: We recommend participants undertake a Presentation Skills 1-day course before commencing this session.

Training outcomes:

  • Increased leadership potential
  • Understanding the needs of your audience
  • Bridging the knowledge gap
  • Audience types – using the fundamentals of DiSC and Myers Briggs personality types to tailor your delivery methods
  • Leading from the front – from bad news to celebrating success
  • Improve your one-on-one and large audience discussions and presentations
  • Leading an organisation through change with improved communication skills.


Business Leadership Communications training will benefit managers, general managers and executives from listed companies, not-for-profit organisations and government agencies or departments.

Course length:
1/2 day

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