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What others say about our Media Training

Our media training is world class, with teams of confident and media savvy professionals graduating. Some of the words of thanks we've received are below:

"The Cole Lawson media training exceeded our expectations: the mix between theory and practice was perfect and the trainers skilfully adapted their delivery to suit the widely varying levels of experience and confidence."
Graham Moloney, General Secretary
Queensland Teachers' Union

"I was commencing a new role that required significantly more dealings with the media than I had been exposed to previously. The training program was a well thought-out mix of a morning's theoretical session that helped in understanding the workings of the media and advised in crafting positive messages. This was followed by an afternoon of 'on camera' interviews and advice. Be prepared for some 'reality jolts' if you have not done much of this in the past. I found Cole Lawson's media training to be exactly what I needed."  
Geoff Bowmaker, CEO(former)
Australian Association of Aviation and Aeroscope Industries

"I had done some media training and similar work in earlier roles I have held. This training, however, was at the next level. It was thoroughly well organised and run, real and practical training with a great instructor. I still go back to my notes from the training now and then to recap. Thoroughly worthwhile."
Kerry Parker, Director
Panax Geothermal